Hi everyone, it’s Hannah here from the salon. Hope everyone is keeping well!

Even though our salon is closed at the moment, I’d like to take a bit of time telling you about a treatment that would be the perfect pick me up, once we re open!

It’s the Power Peptide Resurfacer facial from our new skincare range Dermaquest!

This facial is ideal for anyone wanting firmer and younger looking skin whilst minimising fine lines and wrinkles, open pores and textured skin.

I absolutely love this facial and the results are instant! 

This treatment works all its magic in just 45 minutes, with the added bonus of no prior skin preparation (unlike other resurfacers).

The Power Peptide facial is Dermaquests most advanced anti aging treatment due to its high percentage of alpha hydroxy acids and peptides. These ingredients target collagen and elastin synthesis, giving your skin extreme hydration and a fabulous glow!

I would recommend one treatment monthly, or alternatively you could could have an intensive booster course of 6 (1 treatment every two weeks) ideal for getting your skin back on track fast!

Treatments start from £80. 

Dermaquest also has a full range of products ideal for home use to continue the results from the Power Peptide Resurfacer, including a starter skin routine pack, for all different skin concerns. 

Which are all still available upon request from the salon.

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you soon! 

Hannah x

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