Hi everyone its Sophie here!

Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe in this very strange time! As we’re all spending a lot more time at home and probably embracing our bare nails more than ever, it is a perfect time to give them a little break and get them in great condition for your next salon visit when we re-open.

One of our favourite products you can use to give your nails a little pick me up from home is the Nailtiques formula’s as they are made to suit different nail care needs, I’ve added a little bit of advice on each formula so if you do fancy trying it out its easier to decide which one will work best for you :

Formula One is made for nails that are already healthy, strong and flexible, or for nails that are ready to move on from formula Two or Two plus. With this formula you should aim to apply it three times a week, it is made for the coats to be layered on top of one another and then removed at the end of the week ready to start over again.

Formula Two is made for nails that are soft and peeling or split, and struggle to grow. This formula can be applied daily, but you can decrease the amount of times you apply it as you see your nails improving. Again it is made to be layered and taken off at the end of the week, then once you have achieved the results you’re wanting you can move to use Formula One.

Formula Two Plus is for people who have what they describe as excessive nail problems or ‘problem nails’ and is advised if you’ve been trying formula two for 6 weeks and haven’t been getting the results. You can use it daily but use it less as your nails improve and again remove it at the end of each week, once you’re seeing results you can go back to use Formula Two in its place.

Finally Formula Three is made for nails that are hard and dry. It can be applied three times a week and taken off at the end of the week. Make sure you wash your hands before you apply the nailtiques (which I’m sure we’re all very used to by now!) this will just help make sure theres no residue on the nail to prevent it from sticking.

All the formulas can be removed with a non-acetone nail varnish remover. Another great product to be using at the moment is a cuticle oil and hand cream to keep your nails and hands hydrated, especially while everyone is washing their hands significantly more.

I hope this is helpful and I am looking forward to seeing you all when we are able to go back to work!

Stay safe and hope to see you soon, Sophie xxx

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