With the current restrictions being quite sudden and leading to us having to close, I’m sure a lot of clients have ended up stuck with their Christmas nails. While they’re lovely at Christmas time I’m sure some of use are ready to get rid of them now it’s over!
Don’t worry it’s easy to take your gels off at home with just a few simple products (you’ve probably got most of this already).

– Acetone
– Anailfile
– Cotton wool pads
– Tin foil (cut into small squares)

Once you’re ready to wave goodbye to your gel polish you can start by gently filing over each nail (this only needs to be done lightly as it is just to break the seal of the top coat). After this you need to saturate a cotton pad in acetone and wrap it around your finger. You can then wrap the tin foil over it (to hold it in place). Make sure its tight enough so that it’s able to work. You can then repeat this on each nail and leave them like that for between 10 – 15 minutes. After you see the polish has lifted you can gently push it away from the nail, if you’re struggling at this point you may need to soak them a little longer – you don’t want to damage the nail by forcing it away.

After you’ve taken the gel off you may like to use a nail strengthener while your nails have a little break from the gel. If you have some cuticle oil you may like to use this as well.

Hope this is helpful to anyone who was getting a bit fed up with grown out nails!

Sophie xx

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