Semi-Permanent Make-up

The convenience of professionally applied make-up. Extra definition, accentuates shape and lasts 2-3 years

3D Hairstroke Eyebrows  – £325.00

Combination Eyebrows – £350.00

Eyelash Enhancement includes top & bottom – £245.00

Baby Eyeliner includes bottom eyelash enhancement – £275.00

Lip Contour & Blush – £325.00

Beauty Spot – £60.00

Full Face

3 Treatments in 1 session discount of £100.00

Consultation and Deposit £50.00

All treatments have a free top up within 8 weeks of initial treatment. However, if the time exceeds 8 weeks there will be a charge of £100.00

Colour Boost (existing clients) £175.00

These are recommended 12 months after initial treatment.

If you would like a colour boost before this period a charge of £150.00 will be incurred.

Colour boost after 18 months of initial treatment will be charged at £245.00