Hello everyone! It’s Sarah here……

I hope your all well & enjoying this AMAZING weather ☀️

Talking of sunshine i thought I’d pop on to tell you about Dermaquests SPF products that we have available at the salon! It’s SO super important that are all protecting our skin/faces from the harmful rays that unfortunately the lovely weather brings along with it!

Firstly a bit of science…..

ALL of Dermaquests SPFs are 100% PHYSICAL.

This is an excellent benefit compared to a lot of regular high street SPFs as most of these use Chemical SPFs or a mixture of the two.

⭐️Chemical SPFs

-Take 30-40mins to work

-Can be irritating

-Can penetrate into the skin

⭐️Physical SPFs

-Give immediate protection

-Non irritating

-Do not penetrate into the skin

-Safe for sensitive skins & babies

-Anti-inflammatory & soothing

SO as you can see there are many benefits to the physical SPFs (used in our Dermaquest) brand compared to the chemical SPFs!

The sun is SO damaging to the skin & not only can it cause skin cancer it’s also VERY ageing to the skin & can cause lots of nasty pigmentation if not protected! WE would recommend using an SPF on your face EVERYDAY, even if the sun isn’t out the rays can still get to you through the clouds & through our car windows etc.

So now we all understand how important it is to protect are skin from the harmful ways we can talk PRODUCTS!

Dermaquest do quite a few different SPFs for the face, ALL (like any other brand) need to be re applied every 2hours for the BEST protection!!

⭐️SheerZinc SPF 30

-100% Physical

-For ALL skin types (including sensitive & acne prone)

-Soothing & healing

-Contains zinc which is anti inflammatory & anti bacterial

-Also added benefit of blue light protection (the rays we get off our phones, laptops. Tv & Infared damage)

⭐️SheerZinc SPF 30 TINTED

-Exactly the same benefits as the one above however this one has a tint! So great if you don’t want to use a foundation , it’s helps balance complexion & evens out skin tone!

-It comes in 3 colours, Nude, Sunkissed & Tan

-This one is MY personal fave & I use sunkissed for a medium glow 🙌

⭐️Youth Protection SPF 30

Same benefits as SheerZinc SPF but….

-Added moisturisers for clients who want an ALL IN ONE moisturising SPF.

(No need to moisturise aswell, it does it all)

-Good for premature aging, dull skin & sensitive

(However I wouldn’t recommend this one for spot prone acne skin because of the vitamin C content)

⭐️Sun Armor SPF 50

-Clients who need a higher SPF factor to repair existing sun damage & preventing more from occurring.

-Moisturiser & SPF in one.

-Great for aging skin or pigmentation

-Increases collagen & elastin production time improve fine lines & wrinkles

⭐️ Stem cell 3D SPF 30 Tinted moisturiser

-USES 3D stem cell technology which helps with…

(Dehydration, Loss of elasticity & sun damage)

-Anyone who wants a tinted moisturiser which also targets fine lines & wrinkles

-Moisturising SPF to improve fine lines & wrinkles & preventing future damage

-Brightening & gives the skin a healthy radiant glow

-This one is also okay for acne prone skin

I hope this has helped understand the SPF products that we have to offer a bit more! I have tried to brake them down so you can see which one would be best for you & your skin depending on your concerns! However if you are still struggling to decide what The BEST one is for you, you can contact us & we will be happy to help!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we will be back in the salon very soon, can’t wait to catch up with you all 🥰

Love Sarah x

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