We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest Treatment from Guinot – The Detoxygene Facial.

This is a detoxifying treatment that removes dead cells, eliminates toxins and pollution, re-oxygenates the skin, improves cellular respiration and re-energises the skin.   Your skin will breathe and look radiant.

All skins can be asphyxiated and our environment plays an important role,exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, industrial pollution, dust and confined atmospheres, just like our lifestyle that causes our skin to produce toxins in greater quantities – unhealthy diet, lack of sleep and stress.

If your complexion is dull and tired, blurred, and lacks vitality then this is facial for you.

Treatment consists of:

EXFOLIATION.  Using Detoxygene Exfoliation with papaya extract, the first phase of the treatment removes dead skin cells that contain pollution particles, smoothing and refining the skin’s texture.

DETOXIYING MASK.  The second phase uses Detoxygene Detoxifying Mask, which acts as a pollution magnet to pick up and eliminate pollution particles from the skin.  The green clay mask absorbs these toxins and removes impurities.

REOXYGENATING MASSAGE.  The Detoxygene Oxygenating Massage is applied during the third phase to help stimulate microcirculation and increase the oxygen uptake of the skin.  The massage moisturises and smooths the skin to protect against harmful pollutants.


Terri and the Team

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