Nailtiques Manicures

A therapeutic treatment which improves nails that are inclined to peel, break or split. Nailtiques products promote natural nail growth
Nailtiques Manicure £22.00
Nailtiques Manicure (Excl. Polish) £19.80
French Nailtechniques Manicure £25.30

Specialised Manicure using Electrically heated hand mitts

Specialised Luxury Nailtiques Manicure £29.00
Specialised Luxury French £31.90


Shape and Revarnish £14.85
Shape and French Revarnish £17.00
Natural Nail Repair £6.00
Shape & Protein £10.45
Nail Art x 2 £2.00
Nail Art x 10 £5.00


The first hybrid mail colour. Applies like polish with the permanence of gels. A True innovation in chip free, extended wear colour, that lasts a minimum of 14 days

Colour £29.70
French £31.90
Soak Off & Tidy £11.00
Shellac/Buff £33.00
Shellac French/Buff £35.20
Remove Soak Off/Buff £3.30



Extended fashion to finger tips to toes. The most talked about nail innovation. Minx, unlike traditional nail polish, is made of flexible film and is applied and removed using only heat and pressure.

(Extensive range of designs available)

Minx £32.00

Acrylic Nail System

Nail Extensions

Full Set of Tips £44.00 Infills £31.00
Full Set + Shellac £55.00 Infills £42.00
Acrylic Soak Off £10.00  


Footlogix Pedicure

This treatment is a must for revitalising tired feet at the end of a busy day

Luxury Footlogix  Pedicure £35.20
Luxury French Pedicure £37.40
Luxury Pedicure / Shellac £47.30
Luxury French Pedicure/Shellac £49.50

(Includes foot soak, cuticle work, cut and file, hard skin removal, foot and leg massage and polish)

Luxury Pedicure (Excl. Polish) £31.90
Shape and Revarnish £14.85
Shape and French Revarnish £17.00
Nail Art x 2 £8.50