LVL – Everything you need to know. By Hannah Marshall.

LVL is the newest way to transform you lashes, making them look longer, thicker and lifted lashes creating the ultimate natural look. The treatment takes upto 1 hour depending on the length and health of the natural lashes, however immediately after your treatment you will see 6-8 weeks of longer thicker lashes! Lvl is a natural treatment that does not involve lash extensions of any kind so it’s doesn’t require subsequent salon visits. However, you can return for a lash tint after 4 weeks to darken your lashes and help them last longer.

How it works…

Lashes are composed of keratin which is a strong protein found in all human hair. The protein bonds withint he hair shaft are held in place by chamical bonds, also known as disulphide bonds. These hold the shape of the hair and determine how straight the hair appears. That’s where Lvl comes in, we starts by breaking the bond allowing the hair to be reshaped, then we remove the hydrogen to set the hair in its new found lifted shape.

Michelle Keegan is a massive fan of LVL lashes.

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