Deep Natural Exfoliation Facial

Treatment Time 1 Hour 15 Mins £59.50
A specific deep exfoliating treatment to refine and rejuvenate the tone and texture of the skin. Suitable for all skin types, but good results on acne, scarred and prematurely aged skin.
*Includes Neck and Shoulder Massage
Course of 6 treatments (Pay for only 5) £297.50

Deep Natural Exfoliation Back Treatment

Treatment Time 1 Hour  £59.50
Suitable for all skin types. Especially for sun damaged, acne, acne scarring and pigmentation. Deep cleanses, draws out impurities, hydrates and softens.
*Includes Back Massage

Alpha Beta Peel

Treatment time 1 hour 15 minutes £69.50

Advanced facial peel with a higher concentration of Glycolic Acid.  Removes damaged and pigmented dead skin cells revealing improved skin tone and texture.  Stimulates Collagen production and improves hydration.

*Includes Neck, Shoulder and Face Massage

Course of 3 treatments (Saving £15.00) £193.50
Course of 6 treatments (Pay only for 5) £347.50

Enzyme Treatment Mask

Treatment Time 1 Hour  £42.50
Anti Oxidant lifting and toning treatment. Increases circulation to improve nutrient flow to the skin and draws out impurities.
*Includes Neck and Shoulder Massage