Hi everyone, Sophie here. Hope you’re all doing well!

Today I’ve got a little bit of information on the cuticle treatments we use in the salon and how you can continue to keep taking care of them at home to make sure your nails are keeping healthy. Taking good care of your cuticles will lead to stronger and healthier nails overall.

In the salon we use cuticle oil after nail treatments to help offer extra protection and hydration to the nails. We often use the Nailtiques Oil Therapy, which is full of vitamin enriched oils that help hydrate the nail, whilst it also acts as a drying agent to help set polish after painting your nails. It also adds a little bit of protection to your polish after it has started to set to prevent it from smudging.

The other product we use in salon is called Dadi Oil. It uses avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E to help make nails more flexible, less brittle and healthier. It soaks in quickly and also moisturises around the nail.

The products can be used as needed to treat and prevent dry brittle nails. Its sometimes better to put it on before bed so it has lots of time to properly soak in and do its job!

To order products please email enquiries@atouchofclassbeautyuk.co.uk

Stay safe everyone,

Sophie xx

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