At the moment everyone is having to wash their hands more often than usual, as a result of this the skin can be become dry, chapped and sometimes sore. By following these few steps you can aid your hands in healing sooner and do yourself your own at home mini manicure!

1. Exfoliate-exfoliating is vital for your hands just like your face.This removes dry,flaking, dead skin cells and leaves you with fresh new skin beneath. Doing this step will also allow moisturisers and oils to properly soak into the skin and therefore leaving you with better results. You could use a grainy exfoliator you already have or if you don’t already own one you could make one, you can do this by simply mixing together hand wash and granulated sugar. Rub this all over your hands working on areas such as the palms which are used more. Then simply wash off.

2. Treatment – For a mini pamper for your hands you could go the extra mile by doing a treatment. A perfect way to do this is using oils, anything can be used such as coconut oil. Cover your hands in the oil, then wrap them up into cling film this will reduce mess and aid you in removing it after. Once your hands are wrapped place each one into a sock and if you have one rest your hands over a hot water bottle for 10-15 minutes. This treatment is often used in salons to nourish the hands and deeply hydrate. After the time has finished remove your hands from the socks and cling film and massage your hands together using the remaining oil then simply dab them dry, leaving as much oil on the hands as possible.

3. Moisturise – Moisturising is the key to keeping skin looking springy and youthful, our hands go through a lot and need the moisturiser to give our skin more elasticity, then resulting in slower aging of the skin. After you have been through the other steps, generously apply a hand moisturiser such as Guinot’s Longue Vue mains hand cream all over the hands and up the arms. Taking the time to massage your cream allows it to absorb into the skin before you get back to your daily activities where it may get wiped off. To give your nails the care they need applying your cuticle oil such as ‘Dadi Oil’ is a great addition to the routine to allow your nails to get the nourishment they need to grow healthy and strong.

Take care everyone! Love Hannah xx

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