Are you looking for a cure for short, brittle nail woes?

‘Builder in a Bottle’, also referred to as ‘Builder’ or ‘BIAB’, is a type of gel developed by The Gel Bottle to nourish and strengthen nails and promote nail growth. BIAB is a cult bestseller loved by nail techs across the globe! 

A Touch of Class recommends BIAB to clients who struggle to grow their nails, whether they bite their nails or have weak nail beds. These beautiful, high shine builder gels have a non-chip, long-lasting formulation which promotes nail strength and health.

  • It is a hard gel and thicker than regular gel and is made to act as a super strong base for nails.
  • It increases flexibility on brittle nails, which means they are much less likely to snap or lift and will help your nails to grow.
  • If you have weak, brittle nails then this builder gel is perfect for you.
  • It is slightly more expensive than normal base gel and takes longer for the therapists to apply.


*£29.70: Current base and gel colour – 45 minutes

*£29.70: Builder Gel on its own (nude colour) – 45 minutes

*£34.70: Builder Gel with a colour – 1 hour 

*an additional 15 minutes is required for buff off. 

It is important when making your appointment that you inform the receptionist if you require builder gel so we can allow for the correct time allocations.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Many thanks Terri and team xx

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