We would like to congratulate Sarah, our Senior Beauty Therapist, on passing the Advanced Dermaquest Examination for Resurfacers and Advanced Chemical Peels.

Dermaquest are leaders in plant stem cell technology using the highest quality ingredients. Scientifically researched and proven skincare products and treatments.



Resurfacers sometimes referred to as mild peels, are superficial treatments, working on the very top layers of the epidermis, using enzymes and acids to refine and exfoliate. Dermaquest Resurfacers have generally little-to-no downtime. A Dermaquest preparation product must be used on the skin for two weeks before any resurfacers or peel treatment.



Skin peels treat the top layers but also penetrate the mid to lower levels of the epidermis, delivering stronger, extended results. Because chemical peels are so active and deeply penetrating, downtime for up to 10 days can be expected.


  • SkinBrite Peel

The SkinBrite Peel combines lactic, mandelic and phytic acids to work together to brighten skin and create even skin tone, mandelic acid acts as an effective tyrosinase inhibitor. An excellent treatment to fight hyperpigmentation and the appearance of pigmentation due to acne scarring or hormonal fluctuation.


  • C Infusion Peel

C Infusion Peel increases cellular turnover to repair UV damage while polishing and hydrating uneven skin texture and tone.


  • TCA Salicylic Peel

TCA Salicylic Peel is the ideal age fighting peel formulation to restore and rebuild damaged skin showing signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness.


  • Modified Jessner Peel

Modified Jessner Peel is an all-inclusive peel for stubborn acne management, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and improving rough textured skin.

Please call the salon on 0161 4286997 to book your Resurfacer facial and a consultation with Sarah for your chemical peel.

Many thanks Terri and team xx

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